Free Weather Forecast Service

Free weather forecast service

Get free marine weather forecast with the Nobeltec weather service!

TIMEZERO enables users to download and display weather forecast and oceanic data in standard GRIB* format directly through the software, using the simple Weather Wizard.

This weather download feature is completely free and unlimited, so you can choose any sized area and download weather files as often as you want. Simply select a geographic coverage area anywhere in the world and the types of weather data required.

Register your TIMEZERO licence

Choose the period of time that you wish to receive the forecast for - TIMEZERO can provide up to 16 days of weather forecast! Lastly, select how you would like to receive the file: to do so, just send a request to receive weather data either by a direct download through the software or via Email which is convenient if you have internet access on your cell phone for example.

The received file is only a few KB in size, and the Weather Wizard displays the exact file size before you request it. The built-in compression algorithm is optimized for binary data (GRIB format), making downloading over satellite phones and single side band (SSB) possible.

Once you´ve received and opened the GRIB file, then you can overlay this data onto your charts. It is then possible to filter the types of weather information that you wish to display – you can show all or just some of the following weather forecast data: Wind, Waves, atmospheric pressure, clouds and rain.

*The term GRIB signifies GRIdded Binary or General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary form.