Why upgrade TIMEZERO Trident to TIMEZERO Professional v3?

With TIMEZERO Trident, you already had the optimized User Interface that you will keep enjoying with TZ Professional v3.

This upgrade will also allow you using multiple monitors, Cameras, use Oceanic Weather data or display Fuel data as you may be used to.

Wondering what you will gain in addition? Here we go!

Direct NOAA S57 compatibility

One new feature that is getting our professional customers around the US so excited is the ability to use S57 vector charts straight into TZ Professional v3!
S57 Charts for the USA can be downloaded for free from the NOAA website. These charts cover most of the US coastline and are updated weekly. Start using S57 charts on your TZ Professional v3 today!

New AIS features

Get to the advanced AIS features with TZ Professional v3. You can configure AIS class A for AIS MKD (setting up the status of an AIS class A directly from TZ Professional), dialog box (entering data related to the voyage AIS from TIMEZERO), modification of the AIS status and AIS Text messages can be sent directly from TIMEZERO.

While thinking about the aftermath of an incident isn’t exactly pleasant, it is crucial to be able to use all the information at hand to highlight where problems occurred.
This module allows you to record, store and replay information of the connected devices: GPS, radar, AIS, etc.

New safety features 

Safety Route Planning

When preparing any route, for each waypoint added TZ Professional checks the information of the vector chart to know if the depth is sufficient for the safe passing of your boat (GREEN= OK / RED= DANGER).

Safety Route Planning feature allows you to configure the settings of your boat's height and width so that when preparing a route, you can know in the simplest of terms if the route is safe or not. As you can see in the first image below, the green color code indicates that the selected route is safe, however, the red indicates that you will need to find an alternative route.

Security Cone feature

However well you may have planned out your route, it often only serves as a guideline as and when you end up straying from the path. This is why theSecurity Cone is so important.

Configure in your settings the parameters of what you want your Security Cone to detect and be told in advance when a potential hazard presents itself. The alarm will alert you in real time and save you from disaster.

Note that these features use information within the charts based on depth and vector chart objects (obstructions, wrecks, rocks, etc.) which means they do not need any additional hardware.