Why upgrade from TZ Odyssey to TZ Navigator v3?

First of all, our mantra is that your love of the sea and sailing should be equally matched by the enjoyment of having great marine navigation software. That’s why one of the objectives of TZ Navigator v3 has been to make the interface more user friendly than ever.

Touch screen functionality

We are now finger friendly

Bigger buttons

Because bigger is better

Quick Access

Your favorite features in one click

And more than just a cutting-edge user interface…

New safety features

New Route Planning Safety

New Route Planning Safety

When preparing any route, one of the key components is knowing the depth of an area. Safety Route Planning feature allows you to configure the settings of your boat's height and width so that when preparing a route you can know in the simplest of terms if the route is safe or not. As you can see in the first image below, the green color code indicates that the selected route is safe, however, the red indicates that you will need to find an alternative route.

New Security Cone

Anti-grounding Security Cone

However well you may have planned out your route, it often only serves as a guideline as and when you end up straying from the path. This is why the Security Cone is so important. Configure in your settings the parameters of what you want your Security Cone to detect and be told in advance when a potential hazard presents itself. The alarm will alert you in real time and save you from disaster.

New Route Wizard

A route wizard is displayed when a route is created offering a calculation for the optimal route based upon tides and currents (optimal departure time, arrival at high tide, etc.)

Lots of smaller features that specific customers could find very attractive: Odometer, Print Route detail, Possibility to link two routes, Better control of Tidal Currents computation in Planning and Active Route, NMEA2000 priority, Sensor Offset and Damping.

The Weather Routing with the TZ Routing Module