Why upgrade TZ SportFishing / Catch to to TZ Professional v3?

TZ Professional v3 is the natural upgrade for Sport fishing and Commercial fishing (TZ Catch) professionals.
We have improved the most essential features and added a host more so that you can take your profession to a higher level of precision and ultimately catch more fish!

New features

  • New Profile Window

  • New 3D Cube Workspace

  • Up to 3 monitors

But how you ask? Let’s take a look!

Native compatibility with S57

One new feature that is getting everyone in the US so excited is the ability to upload S57 vector charts straight into TZ Professional v3! S57 Charts for the USA can be downloaded for free from the NOAA website.
These charts cover most of the US coastline and are updated weekly. So if you’re someone who needs the precision of the latest charts then it’s time to make the step to TZ Professional v3 today!

New Fishing Workspace

This new Fishing Workspace is exclusively dedicated to you, the commercial fishing and sport fishing professionals (PBG module required). It simplifies the adjustment of the display settings for bathymetry and depth lines. You can now customize the seafloor display with unlimited color scale in the « Discrete » range.

One of the greatest parts of this new feature is how easy it is to select and display the PBG of a specific depth range that you choose. Once the fishing area has been configured, you can manually configure the contour lines to be as precise as 0.2m which will display a new contour line every 5th contour. Moreover, if the bathymetry is not easy to see, depth lines can be manually color coded which is important if you want to be as precise as a Swiss watchmaker.

New PBG module

Get to know the best fishing areas like the back of your hand with a resolution that has been increased two-fold (now 1.5m x 1.5m). If you’re looking for a tool that provides a way to extrapolate PBG data automatically in real time with seamless customizing of brush size, then you have found it. Displaying PBG data using sounding data onto the chart with a scalability that will suit you is now possible with the new “PBG Sounding” function. Another new function allows for automatic detection and removal of bad PBG data which take out the tedious work from your daily schedule.
And just one more of the many improvements with the new PBG module is that you can edit the 3D imported database (no longer limited to just the user data).

Advanced AIS features

Get the advanced AIS features with TZ Professional v3. The new Alarm Zone feature allows you to set zones for AIS and ARPA targets that will trigger an actual alarm when an AIS or ARPA target enters the zone. In addition, you can even create your own lines so that when a boat crosses this line an alarm will sound. You can also configure your AIS class A settings with the AIS MKD feature to set up the status of an AIS class A directly within TZ Professional v3! We have rethought the way AIS class A status and messaging should take place to make life easier and created a simple dialog box in which you can enter and modify AIS voyage status, as well as send AIS Text messages.

New safety features

When preparing any route, one of the key components is knowing the depth of an area. Safety Route Planning feature allows you to configure the settings of your boat's height and width so that when preparing a route you can know in the simplest of terms if the route is safe or not. As you can see in the first image below, the green color code indicates that the selected route is safe, however, the red indicates that you will need to find an alternative route.

New Profile Window

However well you may have planned out your route, it often only serves as a guideline as and when you end up straying from the path. This is why the Security Cone is so important. Configure in your settings the parameters of what you want your Security Cone to detect and be told in advance when a potential hazard presents itself. The alarm will alert you in real time and save you from disaster.

TZ Professional v3 charts + AIS

A route wizard is displayed when a route is created offering a calculation for the optimal route based upon tides and currents (optimal departure time, arrival at high tide, etc.)