How to shop online?

How to buy on Nobeltec

  • 1. Go to, an icon besides each product will clearly show you what can be bought online or through our worldwide dealer network.

    You can access the different webstore sections through the following submenu:

    The Store is divided in Software, Charts, Plus Packs, Updates and Support & Training to help you identify rapidly what you are looking for.
    The More info link gives you complementary details on each product before you decide to buy.
  • 2. Click on the product with the cart symbol to start the buying process.
  • 3. Profile selection: new customer, TIMEZERO customer or Nobeltec Legacy NNS customer, willing to upgrade to TIMEZERO:

    Already customers are required to sign-in, new customers can register at the end of the process.

    A cart in the right side of your screen will display at all moment the selected products and their prices. It’s automatically recalculated with each modification:

  • 4. Pack selection: New customers have to choose among the packs proposed which include software,free US charts and another optional chart area.

    Already customers can also choose charts and Plus Packs separately. After signing-in, the product selected on the main Store page will be displayed.
  • 5. Chart selection: use filters to find the chart that better suits your need. The system allows you to choose as many charts as you want.

    New customers: Please note that the first screen only allows you to choose one chart area, in Raster or Vector format. That’s the chart area that comes with your pack:

    After clicking on “Continue my order”, you will be able to choose as much chart areas and data (including Tidal Currents and Satellite Photos) as you want in the second screen:
  • 6. Plus Packs selection: this is optional, you can skip it by simply clicking the “Continue my order” button.Plus Pack selection
  • 7. Update selection: if you are already a customer, the system will automatically suggest updates for your software and charts.
  • 8. Support and Training Services selection:we offer 4 types of support and training services from chart installation to a 1h remote training to master your software.Support and Training
  • 9. Check-out: Review your order and remove or add new items at will. If you are a new customer you will have to create your account before finalizing your order.Check out