TZ Catch Strengths

  • Advanced Fishing Layer management
  • Advanced Weather Module: SST, Chlorophyll concentration etc.
  • Create accurate sea floor contours with 2D/3D view & Bathy Recorder

TZ Catch

Marine navigation software - TZ Catch


TZ Catch is a truly innovative professional software product which has been designed specifically for commercial fishermen. Catch features the same revolutionary TIMEZERO chart engine as Trident, with additional commercial-grade tools to maximize the efficiency of each fishing expedition.
Catch includes a Bathy Recorder which allows you to record and gradually update your bathy data from real-time depth recordings. Locate prime fishing locations with SST, altimetry and chlorophyll information from Nobeltec’s Weather and Ocean data service. Advanced Marks and Layers Management will help you organize your marks, tracks, and other fishing information in order to designate good or bad fishing sites.

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The new TIMEZERO v2.1 is available, click here for more details.

The TIMEZERO chart engine incorporates a whole new dimension into chart presentation with full time 3D chart rendering. Users can choose a 2D top-down view of the navigation chart for a look and feel that duplicates traditional chart plotting presentation. Or, users can choose to pan and zoom the chart to any angle at any range scale instantly. There is no limited “3D mode” because Nobeltec Catch operates in a true 3D environment at all times.

Catch uses MapMedia 3D charts and users have the opportunity to choose which data they prefer from multiple chart sources in the mm3D format. The options within the MapMedia data include official S-57 vector and raster charts from hydrographic offices around the world, as well as vector charts from C-MAP by Jeppesen and DataCore by Navionics.

Catch, like Trident, supports Nobeltec InSight radars and the Furuno FAR2XX7 class radars making it ideal for commercial fishing fleets and workboat users who want to optimize radar integration. Catch also integrates with the FA30 and FA50 AIS units, Furuno Ethernet sounders, NavNet3D and TZtouch chart plotters, standard NMEA 0183 navigation sensors, and NMEA 2000 networks.

The complete solution for commercial fishing

TZ Catch offers a powerful all-in-one solution for fishermen. It features the extremely fast TIMEZERO chart engine, allowing for seamless panning and zooming on the chart. It also comes complete with free NOAA raster and vector charts for US waters.

Advanced Features for Increased Profitability

  • Full control of your Furuno DFF1, DFF3, DFF1-UHD, FCV1150 or BBDS1 Sounder to generate images of the seafloor bottom and water columns to detect fish
  • Integrated Radar control with the Furuno NavNet3D/TZ Touch and FAR2XX7 series radars and Nobeltec InSight radars
  • Commercial-grade Bathy Recorder
  • Free ocean data including Sea Surface Temperature and Altimetry
  • High Resolution 3D Database available for selected areas

Bathy Recorder

The Commercial Grade Bathy Recorder allows you to integrate NMEA 0183 Depth Transducers or Furuno DFF1, DFF3, DFF1-UHD, FCV1150 or BBDS1 Sounders with your navigation computer. Using real-time depth data from your transducer, constantly build the contours of your charts. Use this data to help you discover new fishing areas and know your favorite fishing sites better. There is no limit to the number of points the software can record, allowing the user to create the most precise bathy charts possible.
Advanced Bathy Recorder settings can be adjusted, such as keel draft, and several quality filters can be set up. It’s also possible to delete any points that you do not want for any reason.
Easily import/share Nobeltec navigation/bathymetric data.

Advanced Layer Management

Advanced Marks and Layers Management allows you to filter marks, tracks and other fishing information that are in view on the screen. Use Catch to selectively display marks and all of you previous tracks to help reveal where you have been fishing. Color or categorize these tracks in different layers to find prime fishing locations.

  • TIMEZERO Chart Engine
  • Includes free NOAA raster, vector and 3D charts for US waters(*).
  • Free high resolution satellite photos for the US are available.
  • Supports multiple types of charts:
    • mm3D raster charts from local hydrographic offices
    • Official S-57 vector charts in mm3D from select hydrographic offices
    • mm3D C-Map by Jeppesen vector charts
    • mm3D DataCore by Navionics vector charts
  • Selected Furuno Radar, MFD, and Sounder integration (NavNet 3D, NavNet TZtouch, FAR 2XX7 and Ethernet Sounders)
  • Nobeltec InSight (Ethernet) Radar integration
  • Bathy Recorder Feature is built-in
  • Advanced Marks & Objects Management
  • Discrete Depth Shading
  • Custom Contour lines
  • Excellent technical support from the Nobeltec team
  • Connection to instruments: Serial ports (NMEA0183, NMEA 2000) or FURUNO NavNet/ TZ Touch network by Ethernet
  • Exclusive TIMEZERO chart engine (redraws charts and marks instantly)
  • Includes a complete set of US Charts (NOAA RNC raster charts and ENC vector charts), 3D and high resolution satellite photos (**)
  • mm3d C-MAP by Jeppesen vector chart compatibility
  • mm3d DataCore by Navionics vector chart compatibility
  • Dual monitor support
  • Worldwide tide database
  • US tidal currents
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Unlimited Vessel Track Recording and Track Line Coloring (with track recall feature)
  • Advanced Layer and Marks Management
  • Advanced Bathy Recorder
  • Custom High Resolution Contour Lines
  • Free Nobeltec Weather and Ocean Data Service (Rain, Cloud Coverage, Air Temperature, Wind, Waves, Oceanic Currents, Pressure, SST, Altimetry)
  • Alarms (Anchor Alarm, CPA/TCPA Alarm, Depth Alarm, and more)
  • AIS and MARPA target display (with targets lists)
  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Man Over Board (MOB) device integration

Plus Packs

  • Furuno Radar Plus Pack: (Included)
    • NavNet 3D and TZ Touch DRS(*) and FAR2XX7 network connection (view and control the radar)
    • NavNet3D and TZ Touch Chart Server (Nobeltec streaming charts to any NavNet 3D MFDs)
    • Shared Charts Licensing with NavNet 3D and TZ Touch
    • Route synchronization with NavNet 3D and TZ Touch
    • Full Screen Radar Work Space and 3D Radar Overlay

  • Furuno Network Sounder:
    • DFF1, DFF3, DFF1-UHD, FCV1150 and BBDS1 Network Connection (view and control the sounder)
    • Full Screen Sounder Work Space with echogram history

  • TZ InSight Radar Plus Pack (***)
    • Full Nobeltec InSight range of Ethernet-based radars (with link)
    • Display, control and overlay the radar directly from Catch software.

(*) MFD required
(**) Vector Chart coverage subject to available NOAA ENC. High Resolution Satellite Photos available as a free download
(***) Free option with InSight Radar purchased from Nobeltec

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Minimum System Requirements - higher system requirements may be appropriate if multiple advanced features are used concurrently:

  • Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® 8 , Windows XP SP3 (*)
  • CPU 2 GHz (Intel i7 recommended) 
  • 4GB of RAM (6GB recommended)
  • Video Board (**):
    Minimum - dedicated Video Board with 512MB VRAM (ATI or NVIDIA)
    Recommended - dedicated Video Board with 1GB VRAM (ATI or NVIDIA) 
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 800 or higher 
  • DVD reader
  • Hard Disk: 40 GB of free memory 
  • USB or Serial Port for connecting instruments
  • Network adapter:100 Base-T for NavNet 3D, NavNet TZtouch, or Furuno FAR2XX7 Series Radar connection
  • Internet Connection for initial installation and setup highly recommended

(*) We do NOT recommend using Windows XP anymore. Support has been ended from Microsoft. We recommend all users to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 as it will be the only OS supported in the future.
(**) Integrated Video Chipset (Intel or other) are NOT supported for Catch.
Dual Frequency Sounder

Dual Frequency Sounder

Dual Nav Sounder and 2D Raster chart Radar Overlay

Dual Nav Sounder and 2D Raster chart Radar Overlay