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Marine navigation software - WASSP Plus Pack


The TZ WASSP Plus Pack allows you to integrate the cutting-edge WASSP Sounder with TZ Professional for an unrivaled commercial fishing system.
This sounder sends out beams in multiple directions so that it can detect 120 individual points at a time. Instead of just recording the depth of your boat’s position like mono-beam sounders, WASSP also registers the depth of the area surrounding your boat.
These points are then recorded in TZ Professional software which continuously updates your bathymetric chart in real time. Create a highly-accurate and detailed bathymetric faster than you ever imagined!

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Create your Bathy Chart Faster than Ever

Connect the WASSP Sounder via Ethernet to your computer running TIMEZERO Professional in order to get started. Once you add the TZ WASSP Plus Pack to your software, a range of powerful integration features are unlocked between the two systems.
Unlike sounders that detect only the depth directly beneath the boat, the WASSP Sounder registers 120 different points in multiple directions around your vessel. This means that your TIMEZERO software can create a bathymetric chart for a much wider area after just one pass.
WASSP detects 120 points at a time, allowing TZ Professional to record a very wide area in one pass.
WASSP integration with TIMEZERO Professional: the above screen shot shows the width of the bathy data that is recorded after passing through this area just once

WASSP Sounder Integration Functionalities

The WASSP Sounder comes with a dedicated computer as standard. However, you will exponentially enhance the WASSP system by connecting a second computer running TZ Professional to the sounder.
In doing so, you will benefit from a much more powerful and detailed display of the sounder as well as the ability to view additional types of information. Take your WASSP Sounder to a new level of functionality by integrating it with TIMEZERO.
By connecting a WASSP Sounder to TIMEZERO Professional, you will have much greater display resolution and better 3D presentation. You will also have access to all of the advanced features of TZ Professional such as Depth Shading, Discrete Color Shading, Contour Lines, Marks Management, etc. See more information about the features available in TZ Professional here.

Extreme Precision

If for any reason you believe that any of the bathy points in your chart are incorrect, it is possible to delete the individual points in TIMEZERO by using the Delete PBG tool by drawing a free-hand area on the screen.

TZ Professional also uses various quality filters, based on boat speed, water depth etc. that you can configure to automatically reject any bathy data that appears to be incorrect.

Backscatter Data for Bottom Hardness

In addition to sending 120 depth readings at the same time, WASSP also sends TIMEZERO “Backscatter” data. This Backscatter provides information about the Bottom Hardness of the area. This means that when you integrate a WASSP Sounder with TZ Professional, you will have 3D data and bottom hardness information (that can also be displayed in color directly on your TIMEZERO chart).

Backscatter data can be displayed in either manual or automatic mode, according to your configuration. This additional information further enhances your commercial fishing system, letting you find the best fishing spots with increased precision.

Further Information on WASSP Sounders:

TZ Professional is compatible with all WASSP models, including the legacy range, with the exception of the older “Survey” version.

WASSP Sounders are distributed by Furuno. For more information, please visit:  http://www.furunousa.com

WASSP record

Generate your own bathymetric chart in record time!

WASSP record

High-resolution, real-time data

WASSP Multibeam

Cover a much wider zone with just one track

WASSP Multibeam

Up to 120 sounder depth points per second