TZ Tactical Plus Pack

Nobeltec navigation software - Sailing Plus Pack

Designed for optimum performance in competitive sailing

The TZ Tactical Plus Pack is our most cutting-edge tool for serious regatta participants and competitive sailors. As well as all the features available in the TZ Sailing Plus Pack, this module also includes additional advanced features. Sailors can adjust and manually edit weather files in order to have the most accurate information possible. Users can also view the variability percentage of each leg of the route. This is crucial for making important navigational decisions, and reaching the finish line first!

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Advanced Routing Screenshot

Adjusting GRIB Weather Files

The TZ Tactical Plus Pack allows you to adjust the wind forecast data values. This could be useful if the user believed that based on the prevailing wind direction of the previous number of days, it may be slightly different to what has been reported by the downloaded GRIB file.

  1. To increase or decrease the wind speed (%): move the cursor along the slide bar.
  2. To increase or decrease the wind speed (value): enter a value.
  3. To change the weather file time: enter a specific time in the format HH:MM.
  4. Possibility to change weather file in Latitude and Longitude.
  5. Weather file direction can be adjusted.
  6. Increase or decrease in percentage Waves and/or Current values.

Routing Variability Calculation and Display

After you have created a routing, you can display the variability directly on the chart. The variability value lets the user easily identify important variations in wind direction and strength which require the skipper’s expertise in modifications that could be made to forecasts, routing and sourcing files.

  • The variability is equal to 100% if wind direction and strength are stable.
  • It will decrease to 80% if the routing shows important variations of the wind direction and strength. It also indicates the weather transition, for example a ridge with a decreasing pressure gradient i.e. decreasing wind.

Variability is symbolized in the Routing tree by a stronger or weaker display density..

  • Areas colored in black indicate weather transitions. A very dense black corresponds to a variability < 70 % and it is thus necessary to cross it in the shortest amount of time and perform a more refined analysis to recalculate a new routing before changing criteria as well as modifying parameters and files sources.
  • Light areas show the "Corridors" where weather conditions are more stable depending on forecasts.

The ability to overlay both variability and Sailset simultaneoualy allows you to clearly view each transition of different ways (as ridge) across the routing.

The Variability value is indicated in each line of the Routing center which corresponds to a time period of the weather routing.

Please Note: When you purchase the TZ Tactical Plus Pack in the Nobeltec Online Store, all the features of the Sailing Plus Pack will also be included by default.

If you already own the TZ Sailing Plus Pack and wish to add the extra features of the TZ Tactical Plus Pack only, please contact Nobeltec Sales
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