TZ Sailing Plus Pack

Nobeltec navigation software - Sailing Plus Pack

Sail like never before: calculate the fastest route to your destination.

The TZ Sailing Plus Pack is a powerful tool that helps sailors to reach their destination as quickly as possible. Let your software automatically compute the fastest route, by taking important factors into consideration, such as the current and wind direction/speed. This Sailing Plus Pack uses innovative, proprietary algorithms that have been tried and tested by sailing enthusiasts for years.

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Sailing Plus Pack


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TZ Sailing Plus Pack is an indispensable tool for efficient sailing because it calculates the best route, taking into account the size and characteristics of your boat as well as your own personal navigation style.

This Plus Pack can be added to the TZ Odyssey software and is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Simply choose your point of departure and point of arrival and the TZ Sailing Plus Pack takes care of the rest. You can easily set up safety parameters such as maximum wind speed. You can also specify areas you definitely want to avoid, or pick areas where you want to pass through. Nobeltec software will then execute calculations in order to offer you the optimum route.

The TZ Sailing Plus Pack for TIMEZERO comes with a list of polars for the most common sail boats. To get started, simply select your own boat model (or enter the boat dimensions manually). Then download free weather forecast for the area in which you plan to sail, from the Nobeltec Weather Service. These GRIB files will provide information about the weather to the software, allowing it to calculate a route that is takes best advantage of the wind, wave and currents tendencies.

  • Waves, wind and currents are used for routing computation
  • Use one-click comparison between several routes to evaluate multiple scenarios, and even animate them.
  • Option to pass through a specific waypoint, leaving it Port or Starboard during multi-waypoint routing computation
  • Alternative Routing available