TZ InSight Radar Plus Pack

Marine navigation software - InSight Radar Plus Pack

Direct Connection to TZ InSight Radars for Easy Installation

The TZ InSight Radar Plus Pack lets you enjoy full integration between TZ InSight Radars and TIMEZERO Trident, SportFishing or Catch software.
These radars range from 2kW all the way up to 25kW, so whether you own a small powerboat or a mega-yacht, there is a PC-radar solution for you.
Your TIMEZERO software is transformed into a central navigation station when integrated with an InSight radar. This allows display and control of the radar from your software. Installation is also made simple with this solution – Nobeltec InSight radars connect directly to your computer via Ethernet.

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Nobeltec Insight Radar


When the TZ InSight Radar Plus Pack is added to TIMEZERO software, it unlocks several advanced compatibility features between the two systems.
You can display the radar image directly on your PC screen, enjoy full control of the radar from your software and even overlay* the radar image on your nautical charts (* heading sensor required).

TIMEZERO is compatible with Ethernet InSight Radar Systems (MDS1-R, MDS8-R or InSight Radars that use the MDS_5 or MDS_6 box).

If you already own an InSight Radar Plus Pack with older Nobeltec software products VNS or Admiral, it will be automatically transferred to your new TIMEZERO software. You will just need to provide Nobeltec with your VNS/Admiral serial number or dongle number to benefit from the software upgrade price and free Plus Pack.

If you purchase an InSight Radar from Nobeltec, the InSight Radar Plus Pack will be included for free. This PC-radar solution is therefore a cost-effective and extremely user-friendly option.

IMPORTANT: TIMEZERO is not compatible with the older InSight Radar Systems that use a serial connection to the computer (RS422) or the IR2-BB.