USA: NOAA Tides and Current data

Tides and currents (using NOAA data), are integrated into all TIMEZERO software as standard. This data calculates the level of tides and strengths of currents, and is essential for planning routes. TIMEZERO software allows you to calculate your route’s ETA by taking into account the tides and currents for that area at the specific time chosen.

Another advantage of using this tidal current data in TIMEZERO software is the ability to display it in multiple ways. The user can activate Tides and Currents overlay on the chart to see each tide station marked by a icon with a height level, and to view arrow icons showing the currents’ direction and strength.

Alternatively, Tides and Currents can be selected in the NavData so that details will appear in text format when you roll the curser over a specific spot on the chart.

Find more information at:

HR Tidal Currents

MapMedia - High Resolution Tidal Currents


Precursors in marine chart production and additional marine data such as the Tidal currents Atlas, MapMedia also offers European high resolution tidal currents.

HR Tidal Currents


Tidal Currents

Data produced by national hydrographic offices guarantee accuracy and quality. With TIMEZERO, you can adjust the course to follow based on MapMedia tidal current (CTS). MapMedia tidal currents are the most accurate available on the market. These enable you to display current direction and speed on your marine charts.

Our fantastic weather routing module allows you to calculate the best route according to weather forecasts and tidal currents. This full integration of tidal currents in our weather routing calculation is definitively the most powerful tool to sail safely.

Current marine areas covered:

  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands and Belgium
  • Channel
  • Southern England and French atlantic coast
  • French atlantic coast and Bay of Biscay
  • North Sea, German Bight, Skagerrak, Kattegat and Western Baltic

Standard resolution tidal currents, while offering interesting information on large scales, will not allow you to go further than your marine charts.
With TIMEZERO you can display available tidal currents forecasts in the software and whatever its origin. High resolution data is available as an option in European areas.