Raster Electronic Marine Charts

Paper charts are what old-school boaters are used to navigating with. MapMedia mm3d Raster charts are electronic versions of these paper charts. This means that they are a true color copy of the official paper charts produced by national hydrographic offices. Raster charts are therefore the most reliable.

Raster Charts


Charts are geo-referenced, making it possible to display your vessel’s position on the chart when using a computer-based navigation system like TIMEZERO that is connected to your GPS.

Main advantages

  • Similar appearance to marine paper charts.
  • Reliability of true color copy of official hydrographic offices paper charts.

Main drawbacks

  • Raster charts appear “grainy” when over-zoomed while Vector charts don't.
  • The depth units cannot be changed.
  • There is no possibility to "hide" information on the map.
  • When navigating in Head Up mode, the text on your chart may appear as “upside-down” so can be difficult to read.